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  • Трек: Deadpool
  • Исполнитель (артист): Teamheadkick
  • Длительность 3:22
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Teamheadkick - Deadpool "

    Grab those guns, its time to rock
    With a Jackobs, you only need 1 shot
    It's hot out here cause of Lawa flows
    We hunt and kill like murder pro's.

    And I suppose I need to take a break
    Cross our Path, that's your mistake
    Cause I take my time when I shoot
    And when I've done, I'm grabbin' loot.

    Step in the bar, I'm tippin' Moxxi
    Payin' Slots, Bitch get off me
    Put my fist right to your chin
    Let the GunZerkin' begin.

    Settin' Fires, Get my flame on
    Lightin' you up with the Maliwan,
    I can Bandit hunt for days
    Fuckin' em' up when I throw Grenades.

    When the Rakk's fly
    And the skags crawl
    Where the dust rolls by (rolls by)
    We're headed 2 the Vault... Headed to the Vault.

    I got another mission to turn in
    Nomad's on my ass again,
    But with the SMG I'm bringin' heat
    Launchin' Lead to the head, like a cracked out freak.

    Gearin' up at the Black Market
    Spray and pray when I'm killin' Varkids
    Turnin' in Eridium.
    I gotta upgrade my stats again.

    The Shottie midgets make me laugh
    Look it's a Creeper from Minecraft
    BullyMong's are Boner Farts
    With the Tedior I tear them apart.

    Commando class, Whoopin' ass
    I'm tossin' out a Turret blast.
    Drivin' Fast, so Legit
    Sniper Rifle, Critical Hit.

    When the Rakk's fly
    And the skags crawl
    Where the dust rolls by (rolls by)
    We're headed 2 the Vault... Headed to the Vault.

    I hate the Buzzards, they won't die
    You can try to hide, but the Mordecai
    Will launch Sniper Death from up in the sky
    And when I'm out, you'd better stay inside.

    PIMP my ride, hit the boosts
    With a sideways slide, I'm gettin' loose
    Get knoked down, but second chance
    Shootin HELLA rounds at Spiderants.

    And Stalkers, Threshers, Loaders too,
    WAIT, that's a Boss dude
    No problem, aim for the head
    Critical Hit comes up in red.

    Use Corrosion, and Explosion
    Wrecking shit because it's frozen
    Plan's in motion, sorry Jack
    We came to take Pandora back.

    ClapTrap likes to give high fives,
    Dr. Zed be doin' surgery to keep you alive.
    Tiny Tina wants my weiner, but she's only 13,
    Captain Flynt is a Pirat, and he's really obscene.

    But at least she gave me a Bandit Truck.

    Like a train, in the campaign, makin' it rain
    Shootin' Psycho's in the head, cause they're insane.
    Our team is made of 4 of us
    And when we hunt we're Dangerous.

    Line the target up, and I'm Firin'
    Maya is a Bad Ass Siren
    Need more Ammo, head to the store
    But I got more guns than the Marins Corps.

    Second play through, super bad ass
    Twice as hard, I need to level up fast
    Fightin' Dragons, Collectin' Riches
    Shootin' Bandits, and Rapin' Midgets.

    Collectin' Guns, Doin' Quests
    I want to play with Moxxi's Breasts
    Treasure Chests, Battle Plans
    Welcome to the Borderlands.

    When the Rakk's fly
    And the skags crawl
    Where the dust rolls by (rolls by)
    We're headed 2 the Vault... Headed to the Vault.(x2)

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